The Roaring Trowmen and TEYR at The Hunters Inn

We are excited to announce the return of Bristol’s ‘The Roaring Trowmen’ for an evening of  sea shanties and songs of the salty deep, performed with passion, power, humour and glorious harmonies.

Their name comes from the trowmen who used to pilot the flat bottomed barges that carried cargo up the Severn sometimes as far as Shrewsbury! They were known as a fairly rambunctious lot. Hard drinking, fighting, singing, and extreme skill in piloting and sailing were their hallmarks. Originally six, now a four voice group, they continue to sing in festivals, halls and pubs, delighting crowds with their raw power, melting harmonies and comedic story telling.

This time they are returning with Teyr, a trio of formidable musicians who showcase the many sounds of the British Isles, with roots running from Ireland to Wales to Cornwall, James Gavin (guitar and fiddle), Dominic Henderson (uilleann pipes and whistles) and Tommie Black-Roff (accordion), the players thrive on close interplay and pushing the possibilities of acoustic music.

Admission is only £8 on the door – make sure you don’t miss this unique opportunity for an enchanting evening of marvellous music. Reserve your tickets by contacting us via e-mail here.

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The Roaring Trowmen: