Top 10 Coastal Pubs – from the Sabotage Times

Thank you to Adrian Tierney-Jones for including us!

The Hunters Inn, Heddon Valley, North Devon

I’m cheating here because the coast is about a mile away, but this is such a character of a pub that it would be a shame to miss it out over a brief technicality. Besides a river runs right past it on the way to the sea — so there. The Hunters has a certain ramshackle charm — it was originally a cottage and it has been built and built on until it’s developed into a gloriously curious hotel and bar where all manner of things happen: beer festivals, photography competitions and even the appearance of a ukulele orchestra, while some of the clientele would have the young Kingsley Amis (c. Lucky Jim) sneering about the ‘arts and craft crowd’. But who cares — this eclectic gem is just the place to enjoy an ale or two before taking yourself down to the sea.

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